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About Us

Based on accumulated experience in the steel byproduct recycling business in the domestic steel industry, we run blag furnace slag and steel slag, factory scale business and recycle business at PT.Krakatau Posco steel plant. In addition, based on the accumulation of technology and experience in Korea, we do construction material business in Indonesia, and we promote the silica fertilizer and calcium silicate fertilizer business to contribute to soil improvement and increase agricultural productivity. Iron ore slag processing and recycling business, steel slag processing and recycling business, various projects, sludge and dust processing and recycling, factory scale processing and recycling business, cement production (GGBFS).



Souvenir from Xinxiang Great Wall Steel Casting Co., Ltd

CEO and President director PT. KRNG Indonesia get a souvenir from xinxiang, for the inauguration of the Slag Powder Plant.


Congratulations to Mr Oya Rocita for completing the SPP Plant project

President Director, Mr. Jeon Jang Gon gave his best appreciation to the project manager Mr. Oya Rocita for his hard work building the SPP Plant during the inauguration of the new factory.


Best Award for Selected Employees

Congratulations to Mr. Aris Cahyo for Good Performance in Managing MSB Product Quality and Actively Helping Other Jobs, The certificate of appreciation is given directly by the President Director, Mr. Jeon Jang Gon, and was attended by the entire Team Leader.



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